Student Life

A Vital Community Outside the Classroom

What happens at a school after the last bell says a lot about that school’s community. At Saint Mary’s Elementary School, our classrooms, halls, and gymnasium are filled with activity and enthusiasm as teachers, parents, and students gather after school for athletics, extracurricular activities, and special offerings.

Athletic Program
Middle School Level
(Grades 6-8)

Fall Season:
Girls’ Soccer
Boys’ Soccer
Girls’ Volleyball

Winter Season:
Girls’ Basketball
Boys’ Basketball

Spring Season:
Girls’ Lacrosse
Boys’ Lacrosse
Girls’ Softball
Boys’ Baseball

Extended Day Program until 6 PM

Gym Time
Arts and Crafts
Computer Time
Study Time with Homework Help

Extracurricular Activities

Actor’s Garage
Community Service
Cooking Corner
Creative Writing
Dodge Ball
Flag Football
Games Galore
Jewelry Making
Lego Building
Literature for Little Chefs
Mad Science
Model Building

School Musical

In February and March, middle school students work with theatre professionals to prepare a musical.  The students either perform or learn backstage arts in stage crew, makeup, and production.