Programs: Middle School

At the Middle School level, we begin to place more focus on moral and ethical formation, instilling Catholic values in each student. Our curriculum exceeds the common core standards and is enriched across the content areas with topics that are connected to students’ moral development. We also assess students on their spiritual, social, and academic growth as they flourish throughout their years at St. Mary’s. While students are developing skills in decision making, problem solving, critical analysis, communication, and cooperative learning, special focus is placed on concurrently developing responsibility, independence, integrity, and consideration for others.

As educators we strive for students to engage with their subjects beyond a superficial level. We want our students to be active learners who have a thirst for discovery and knowledge. The role of our teachers is to act as a facilitator showing students how to take ownership in their education and become independent learners and problem solvers.

Our challenging academic curriculum in middle school is greatly enhanced by strong extracurricular programs and the integration of technology. Parents and students can access eChalk and GradeBook on a daily basis, and every middle school student is given use of an iPad for the school year. In middle school, we use technology to allow students the freedom to discover solutions to problems both independently and collaboratively. Technology places the world in the hands of every student inside the confines of the classroom. Our many extracurricular programs include Math and Science Olympiad, student government, History Day, seasonal sport teams, Green Team, and local and global charity funds. A strong academic foundation coupled with all the opportunities available at St. Mary’s ensures that our middle school students are well prepared for continued success in high school.