Programs: Elementary School

Integrating Values and Virtues

The Elementary School level at St. Mary’s focuses on educating the whole child, by integrating the values and virtues of the Catholic faith into the curriculum and by helping each child to develop as a unique individual. Our academic curriculum fosters a lifelong love of learning and encourages students to continually challenge themselves. Parent involvement is also considered a key component in building upon our students’ academic, social, and spiritual growth, and parents are invited to participate in various activities such as Mass, library duty, field trips, and literacy centers.

We also utilize an interdisciplinary approach throughout our curriculum, which is enhanced through the use of innovative technology, hands-on learning and interactive websites. Our students participate in age appropriate, skill-related experiences like book discussions, exploring different perspectives, reenacting the Stations of the Cross, and participating in mission fundraisers and our annual blood drive, where they begin to develop skills in making connections, in critical thinking and analysis, and moral development.