Programs: Early Childhood


Milestones are met with Nursery, Pre-K and Kindergarten

The goal of our Early Childhood Education Program is to help children develop spiritually, emotionally, mentally, socially, and physically. The program combines personal experiences with directed and self-directed activities. All activities are designed to blend fun, sharing, and learning in a secure, nurturing Catholic environment. The children feel that they are very special because of God’s great love for them. Each child develops a sense of self as a young Christian, a love for learning, and a curiosity for life. Certified, experienced teachers provide well-rounded, age-appropriate programs incorporating play and academics for enrichment, integrated learning, and development of skills. At Saint Mary’s, we deeply believe that a child forms his or her basic feelings about self and others from the attitudes and ideals exemplified by those who comprise the child’s world. Our Pastor, President, Principal, faculty, and staff along with the Parent Teacher Organization and the School Board, cooperate in the education of our students. It is through these collaborative efforts that we can continue to grow and service our families with unparalleled educational programs in a spirit-filled, Catholic environment.



3 to 4 years


Ages 3 to 5 years


Ages 5 and 6 years