Admission: Profile of a Graduate


Profile of a Saint Mary’s Elementary School Graduate

The success of our mission will be recorded in our graduates whose Christian values and strong moral character, academic competence and social skills will lead them forth to positive, productive futures. With the modeling and support of the family and the dedication of the faculty our graduates will continue to flourish and be noted for:

• Respect of one another and embracing the importance of politeness and good manners
• Understands the importance of reaching out and helping one another
• Recognizes the importance of diligence and good work attitude
• Embrace truth, honesty and responsibility
• Keep learning to be patient with ourselves and others and exhibiting self –discipline
• Remain open to other points of view and accept and appreciate differences
• Understand the needs and feelings of others
• Be responsive to the welfare of other people
• Demonstrate care in relationships by remaining loyal and exhibiting courage to do
what is right