About: Faculty

Inspired teachers = Motivated students

At Saint Mary’s Elementary School, we know that good teachers matter. Our faculty holds top education credentials, with most teachers having at least one master’s degree.

More importantly, our teachers have a profound commitment to inspiring academic excellence, modeling good values, cultivating Catholic faith, and helping each student achieve success in the classroom as they grow in mind, body and spirit.

Our skilled faculty prepares your child for a lifetime of academic excellence

Probably nothing is more critical to your child’s future academic success than acquiring a love of learning and a solid academic foundation in elementary school. Our highly trained teachers know how to prepare your child to reach the highest possible potential in every subject.

Our faculty recognizes that each child has an individual learning style. Because we keep our classes small, our teachers are able to fully engage each student, tap into every child’s unique interests and strengths, address different learning styles, challenge students who are ready to accelerate and help those children who are struggling in certain areas. By the time they leave Saint Mary’s, our graduates are highly prepared to excel in the area’s finest high schools, and will continue achieving success in college and beyond.

Our classrooms build knowledge—and confidence

Each year, our teachers choose spiritual, professional and personal goals for themselves, their students, and the betterment of our Saint Mary’s community. We inspire enthusiasm in learning—and build confidence through a few simple but profound teaching strategies:

  1. Our faculty cares about the development of the whole child. That means we support our students emotionally as well as academically.
  2. Every Saint Mary’s teacher is dedicated to engaging students with warmth, respect and kindness. We model the behavior we expect to see among our students.
  3. Our teachers keep communication lines open between themselves and our families. We view learning as a team effort between our teachers, parents and students.
  4. By providing various types of learning environments and strategies within the classroom, our teachers introduce and reinforce concepts in ways that are effective in reaching students with diverse backgrounds and learning styles.
  5. Our teachers hold extra-help sessions before school, at lunchtime and after school for students who need additional attention.
  6. We challenge students who excel by offering them opportunities to pursue a more in-depth study of given topics in the classroom and through advanced classes.
  7. We give students positive reinforcement and encouragement during every step of their educational journeys here, emphasizing the importance of taking risks, setting goals and working hard to attain them.